About you

If you are understood as you are, then your true needs can be fulfilled.

Your life experience is more than it appears. You are NOT just a physical biological body – as is the common theory from biology, medicine, and most science and culture. Quantum Physics has proven for many decades that:

  • You are energy.
  • The mind is not the body nor the brain.
  • Consciousness exists independent of the brain.


You have a Physical Body - body of physicality and seeming solid matter.


You have a Vital Body - a body of pure vital energy.


You have an Emotional Body - a body of feeling, emotion, and desire.


You have a Mental Body - a body of thoughts and thinking.


You have a Soul Body - a body of awareness and spiritual essence.


These combine to create the whole you as a being of energy.


When these energy bodies are ill, you experience suffering.


By healing you as energy, by healing your many bodies, you are well.


By changing energy, healing occurs. Receive Energy Healing now